Cable TV Deregulation ended the monopoly

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President Obama, April 16, 2016

Presedent Obama on Cable TV Deregulation.

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“One of America's greatest strengths is our free market."

"The most essential ingredient is healthy competition."

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, May 6, 2015

 “We recognized that the [cable] industry had changed and we saw concrete evidence of the new competition and business models made possible by highspeed Internet access: DISH’s Sling product, HBO Now, Sony Playstation Vue, CBS All Access, to name just some. In other words, we recognized that broadband had to be at the center of our analysis, and that video was, in essence, an application that flows over networks and that could be supplied both by the owners of facilities and by competitors that use broadband pathways to compete against the owners of those broadband pathways. This shift has implications for the industry at large…You [the cable industry] don’t have a lot of competition, especially at the higher speeds that are increasingly important to the consumer of online video…More competition would be better…History proves that absent competition a predominant position in the market such as yours creates economic incentives to use that market power to protect your traditional business in a way that is ultimately harmful to consumers…Your challenge will be to overcome the temptation to use your predominant position in broadband to protect your traditional cable business. The Internet will disrupt your existing business model.” — FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler May 6, 2015 

Cable TV Deregulation quotes.

President Obama, January 14, 2015

“Without strong competition, [broadband] providers can (and do) raise prices, delay investments, and provide sub-par quality of service. When faced with limited or nonexistent alternatives, consumers lack negotiating power and are forced to rely on whatever options are available. In these situations, the role of good public policy can and should be to foster competition and increase consumer choice.” — President Obama January 14, 2015 

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Cable TV Deregulation effects.