Cutting the Cord

Should you be Cutting the Cord?


Cutting the Cord, in the context of telecommunications, is a practice of stopping cable or satellite television services or removing a fixed telephone line. In cable and satellite service offering, most of them are discarded for the benefit of cheaper options, such as Internet's streaming media TV. The main purpose of the cord cutting in both contexts is to lower spending for viewing entertainment. The second most often cited reason for leaving cable or satellite television is dissatisfaction with the services at an unreasonably high price.


In recent reports, people are running away from a subscription to a cable. A recent survey has found that 25% of US households cut the cord and no longer relies on cable or satellite television. The current trend seems a bit younger: four out of ten households with residents aged 18 to 24 decided to switch options or just for the internet alone. Nevertheless, all studies show that the number of enrollments in cord cutting increases in several age groups.

With the awesome alternative, such as The NuMedia Global, it is easy to cancel your cable subscription, still watch all your favorite shows, and save more money on your monthly bill. In fact, with an Internet TV that offers the same features as a traditional cable with a cheaper monthly subscription, you can cut off the cord and avoid bi-annual contracts with expensive equipment rental fees. Of course, you need access to the Internet to use various streaming services. 

Perhaps you wanted to stop sending hundreds of dollars a month for your cable subscriptions and satellite companies, reduce cable and save costs, you have a better alternative with The NuMedia Global. It makes sense because there are so many entertainments available through online streaming services that you can view on your smart TVs or through the streaming device that connects to the TV. Additionally, if there are cables or portable channels that you do not want to give up, you can go ahead through upgrades. There are also premium services in the NuMedia Global, which offers cheaper alternatives with the right channel selection and more cable viewing capabilities.


Actually, cord cutting did not just surface itself now; it has been for a long time. However, many people have many good reasons to cut the code. When people were asking why they were cutting the code, more and more people said the price was the first important factor. In fact, the price is the only reason for an increase in cord cutting. Smaller and fewer people cut the cord to watch broadcasting services or television broadcasts via an antenna. This answer points to the vicious circle facing the television industry. As subscribers reduced cable services, pay television operators increased prices to compensate for subscriber losses, resulting in a cycle of new customer outbursts and increased subscription costs.

In the last few years, the price of a subscription has increased throughout the industry. Monthly price increased on average from 2015 to 2017. Research has shown that nearly 60% of TV subscribers pay more than $ 75 a month for service and the percentage of those who pay $ 76 or more increases by 3.4%. Last year, the vast majority of this migration came from subscribers who paid less than $ 50 for paid TV.

Media companies generally increase the cost of their program every year by including escalators in dealers' dealings. Cable companies already lower their video subscriber limits. At one point, it is possible that victims come from media companies themselves who also feel the pain of losing every subscriber, but they have considerably increased the rate of joining.


To make that decision to cut your cord, you are not alone. Many people are discarding their cables or their satellite subscription. The vast majority of consumers want to choose what they watch, enjoy, and do not want to pay extra for unreasonable channels. Why would you pay for Fake News when you do not watch it? Likewise, why would anyone want to pay for MTV when his favorite station is the political spectrum?

Therefore, instead of facing a dissatisfied with high-priced service system, check out NuMedia Global Service trial. So cut the cord with huge confidence in this product. The NuMedia Global offers cheaper cable alternatives with a choice of convenient channels and more cable viewing capabilities.


The NuMedia Global is an MLM opportunity that is part of the similar AX Media TV and IXQ TV, which also allows you to earn a commission online with a compensation plan. The NUMedia global feature offers an application that can be installed on most any  streaming device, which will provide you with over 1,500 TV entertainment stations, 8000 movies on demand and 900 TV series, including premium, and sports channels. You can connect an application to a WIFI or home internet connection. It works perfectly with Amazon Firestick or tablets, laptops, even Smartphone with Android and iPhones.

The NUMedia's Total Benefit

The NuMedia global product offers over 1,500 channels, including HD channels, all premium movie channels, all sports channels, all children's channels, all news channels, HD TV Live, and a wide range of international channels.

It also offers channels such as HBO, Showtime, Golf Channel, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA TV, MLB Network, CNN, Fox News, CNN, and even Playboy Channel. So get it on your device and turn it on, on any Android device or compatible TV, such as the Amazon Fire Stick, and enter your activation code to start watching.

The NuMedia Global uses premium channels; In general, you have to pay directly to your service provider for a subscription. It does not only offer products or services to retailers. The NuMedia correction is simple because it offers an exclusive price structure to the client. It is without a long-term contract, no activation fee, no cancellation fee, no credit check, a 24-hour free trial, no local power outage, no favorites of the network, and no reason you do not see your team game.


In the main menu, select LIVE TV. Your NuMedia LIVE TV offers national and international channels in their native languages for the whole family. You can easily browse all categories and channels to tag your favorites. Simply register them in your favorite category to simplify your choice. Your NuMedia also offers channel navigation and parental controls just like your current cable provider. It has the Extended Programming Guide (EPG), which allows you to own easy access and control over all your current and future programs, just like your existing cable company.

Experience Cutting the Cord Today!
Experience Cutting the Cord Today!