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  Numedia Global is the answer to these questions. NUmedia Global is an inexpensive alternative to expensive cable tv providers. NUmedia offers over 1500 HD Channels, over 8000 on demand movies, 900 TV series and worldwide native language channels. Try it for free today at https://1numedia.net/free/19635

Picture this…

  You want to watch your favorite NFL team and your family wants to binge watchtheir favorite space movie trilogy. 

You connect your tablet to NUmedia Global and watch the game and your family connects the big screen smart TV to NUmedia Global and binge watch to their hearts content. WINNING!

And. . . Dreaming about sports?

 NUmediaGlobal provides over 125 Channels with no black outs. Can you follow your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL teams where ever you happen to be on game day with your current TV provider?

Doug Angle, a NUmedia subscriber, from Arizona tells the story of watching his favorite MLB baseball team on his tablet while on vacation in Northern California. Normally he would have missed this game because he is out of the broadcast area of his favorite team but with NUmedia Global he was able to enjoy watching his team.

Along with major league sports, NUmedia Global also provides access to Live PPV,Motorsports, MMA, WWE, Golf, Tennis and much more without risk of blackouts.

Take advantage of this opportunity now and tryNUmedia Global free for 24 hours. NUmediais an inexpensive alternative to expensive cable tv providersoffering over 1500 HD Channel, 8000 on demand movies, 900 TV series and worldwide native language channels. Try it for free today at https://1numedia.net/free/19635.

NUmedia Global offers features not readily available at cable and satellite TV providers.

· No Long-term contracts

· No Activation Fees

· No Cancellation Fees

· No Credit Check

· 24 Hour free trial

You will need access to 4 mbps speed internet and if you want to watch local TV you will need an HD Antenna.

Are you ready? Are you ready to save money over cable or satellite TV? Perhaps even hundreds of dollars a year? 

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Are you ready? To have access to Premium Channel including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime?

Are you ready? To enjoy following your favorite sports teams and athletes even when you are out of the viewing area?

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