Experience over 1500+ HDTV Channels. 

and 8000+ Video on Demand Movies 

and over 900+ TV series.  Just $29.95 per mo.

1) sign up..., 2) click media player..., 3) Enjoy...!

For use on your:

Smart TV's - Computers -  Tablets -  Notebooks -  iPhones -  SmartPhones.

"After" Free Trial - You Simply Choose

All Channels

Numedia free trial

 Enjoy Your Service

 NuMedia Gives You LIVE HD TV, All Sports Channels, Premium Channels, Children’s Channels, Thousands of Movies On Demand and Huge International Channels.  

It's your option to earn $10.00 per mo. referring others to this service.

All Channels (except premium)


 Enjoy Your Service ! 

NuMedia Gives You LIVE HD TV, All Sports Channels *(Excluding Premium TV Channels), Children’s Channels, Thousands of Movies On Demand and Huge International Channels.   * Premium TV Channels Include: HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, Hallmark, Showtime, SPIKE and SKY Cinema. 

 It's your option to $5.00 per mo. referring others to this service. 

NUmedia Advantage

NUmedia free trial tv

Use on any "4" Smart TV's, Tablets, Notebooks or Smart Phones. After Free Trial just $29.95 per month (without the premium channels) or $49.95 with All Channels..

  • 1500+ - HDTV Channels including the best: Sports Programming Ever, Most Premium Channels, All major News Channels, Free Pay Per Views and more!
  • 8000+ Video On Demand Movies
  • 900+ TV Series
  • Premium Channels / including HBO - Starz - Cinemax - Showtime & many more. 
  • Childrens Channels - Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon, etc.
  • Sport Channels - Professional & College. 
  • Live TV - MMA, UFC, Wrestling and more. (pay per views)
  • 123 Entertainment Channels
  • 13 National News Channels
  • Start your Free Trial Now!

NUmedia free trial tv
NUMedia tv free trial
NUmedia free trial

  • NO Long Term Contracts
  • NO Disconnect Fee's
  • NO - Activation Fee's
  • NO - Credit Checks

NUmedia free trial
NUmedia streaming media free trial
NUmedia streaming media
Numedia tv free trial

Cut the CABLE / Ditch the DISH

A Numedia free trial service easily connects to your TV with a Amazon firetv stick and can also be used with any Andriod run media player such as Tablets, Notebooks even Android Smart Phones and IPhones. NUmedia is the perfect dish or cable alternative while being a more convenient and cost effective way to watch HDTV channels, sports or your favorite movies.

EZ install - Firetv stick

Streaming media free trial
numedia streaming media
numedia free trial tv
numedia tv free trial

For your Non Smart TV's
See how EZ it is to install a FireTV stick below.

<--- Click video, the first 8 minutes or so of video shows how to install of the firetv stick and NUmedia application.  An additional 6 to 8 min demonstrates how ez the channel selections and tv guide are to navigate and to save your favorite stations.

NUmedia - EZ Install PDF

To enjoy the NUmedia Experience on your NON Smart TV's an Amazon FireTV stick is needed.

The FireTV stick is a one time cost of aprox $40.00. It can likely be found online or at your favorite big box stores such as Walmart / Target etc. 

Free Trial

important Details

Free Trial streaming media
NUmedia streaming media free trial
Free trial numedia tv

NUmedia Global's NO's

No Long Term Contracts - No Activation Fees 

No Cancellation Fees - No Credit Checks. 

Free Trial

Free Trial

Free Trial

Required from 3rd party:

  1. Internet service w/4 mbps speed 
  2. Local TV viewing will require an HD Antenna.

Never Miss your favorite sports team play again !

NUmedia Subscribers view every game!

125+ Channels - MOST ALL SPORT Channels

Including: NFL - NBA - MLB - NHL - Live PPV's - Golf, Tennis, Soccer, MMA, WWE, Motorsports  and more - NO BLACKOUTS !

NUmedia Global includes all 15 NFL Channels.

- No Local Blackouts

- No Network favoritism 

- No reason to not see your team play

Example: NFL Football

Maybe you live in a state with a professional football team and your bordering state also has a professional football team. Now lets assume you are an avid fan of the bordering states team but because when both teams are playing at the same time you will miss your team on local tv because your state team has priority airing. You must now find an alternative way to view your team. You have 3 clear choices available to you. 

1) You find an alternative location (probably a sports bar) to view your teams game but even then you are probably listening to the other teams broadcasting, not a great experience for you. 

2) You pay an "expensive add'l fee" for a package that allows you to see your games when not shown locally thru your expensive cable or dish carrier. 

3) Included with your $49.95 NUmedia subscription you simply select the NUmedia App on your Fire TV stick and choose the NFL station that is playing your favorite team. Enjoy!

streaming media free trial
numedia streaming media
numedia free trial tv
numedia tv free trial

streaming media free trial numedia streaming media numedia free trial tv numedia tv free trial

Why NUmedia

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Numedia does not spend money on advertising. It's enormous growth comes from its thrilled customer / subscriber referrals and its customer / subscriber director referrals and its retail referrers. If you LOVE the service and choose to refer NUmedia to others you can be compensated. You are under NO obligation to be a referrer. 

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BestHDTVplan.com is owned and operated by Rick Roach an independent subscriber / referrer for NUmedia. Please feel free to call me during business hour to answer your questions about this incredible service or referrer opportunity.


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